Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Track your progress

Some progress is easy to track like going from the thickest band to thinnest band for pull-ups. Other progress is a little trickier. Lifting weights is one of those tricky things where if you don't keep track you might not realize you have progressed. And even tracking the numbers isn't always enough, sometimes the progress is going from squatting with a box beneath you to no box and squatting below parallel (seriously my hip mobility is non-existent so that was a huge deal for me).

That's why I love this app called iPR. It's really basic but allows me to track what I need to and has a place for notes so I can mention any modifications I had to make. When I start comparing my numbers to others, it's great to look back and remember how far I've come.

When you click on each lift you can see all the dates, what weight you lifted, and how many reps. I used to record the total reps for a workout (ex. 5 rounds of 12 reps would be recorded as 60) but lately I've been just recording the reps per round (ex. 12) and putting the number of rounds in the notes. This has helped me choose the right weight for workouts based on past performance.

When you click on an individual date you can see the notes where I like to keep track of things like squatting to a box, whether I used a belt, and whether I used oly shoes.

Now I just need to find a better way to keep track of my yoga progress!

Day 31
Oatmeal, banana, almond butter

Mango Chia Pod
Baby carrots
Key Lime Coconut Energy Bite

Veggie Wrap from Vegan Joint

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bite

Zucchini Chickpea Tomato Curry with quinoa blend from Costco

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