Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crazy day

Well today was tough food wise. I had to eat out for lunch and I had a pot luck! I had Native Foods which sounds healthy but I suspect it's really not. I think a salad would have been my best option but I wasn't able to snack much today so I went with the hearty option. It kept me full a long time!

Tonight was our last bible study for this series at church so we had a potluck. I brought my Feel Good Hearty Granola Bars which were a hit! It also gave me something to eat since most everything had meat. I at a King's Hawaiian roll before I realized there was a veggie pasta and fruit salad I could eat. So overall not a super healthy day and I have no idea if the food I ate had added sugar. I didn't expect to have a cheat day mid-week but I don't think it was too bad.

Day 38
oatmeal, banana, sliced almonds

baby carrots

Twister Wrap from Native Foods


veggie pasta
fruit salad


rest day

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