Friday, June 20, 2014

Raw Lasagna

Okay, this week hasn't been the healthiest. When I'm working in the field it's hard to find healthy lunch options and on top of that I had a potluck and a wedding reception in the evening this week! So today I thought I'd start the day off right with my trusty oatmeal. Except I left the water boiling too long and next thing I knew it smelled like burning and I realized I never put oatmeal in the pot! Thankfully I had a couple bars left so I ate those for breakfast and the rest of the day was fairly uneventful.

I try to find recipes that are easy to make during the week but for some reason this Raw Lasagna intrigued me so I bit the bullet when I saw "soak for 4-6 hours." Luckily I worked from home part of the day today so I was able to get the pine nuts and squash going early enough. The rest really wasn't too labor intensive and it's all made in the blender which is great for those of you who don't have a food processor... yet!

I've never been too interested in the raw food movement but something about this caught my attention and I'm glad I tried it. It was really good and very filling! I'd definitely recommend giving a shot, just make sure you pre-plan. Oh and you'll need to provide your email address to access the website but I just unsubscribed from the emails the next day. Enjoy!

Day 40
Feel Good Hearty Granola Bar


Superfood Salad

Apple (ran outta snacks early this week)

Raw Lasagna

Playing in the ocean


  1. Great headstand! :) I bought a food processor! I'm going to make cauliflower rice! & then some low sugar, protein energy bites (don't have a recipe...yet!)

    1. Thanks girl! Yay food processor!! Now you can make these: