Monday, June 16, 2014

Amazon Fresh

One thing that has helped tremendously with cooking at home so much is Amazon Fresh. You order at night and they typically deliver before sunrise the next morning! You can order other times of day and get deliveries other times of day, but the way it usually works for me is, "Aw man, it's 10pm on Sunday night and I haven't even made a grocery list yet!"

What's amazing is that then instead of staying up for 20 more minutes, creating a grocery list, then wondering when I'll have time to go to the grocery store during the week AND make dinner in the same night... all I do is create my grocery list in Amazon Fresh and my groceries are delivered when I wake up in the morning! This means I can avoid the groceries and making dinner in the same night conundrum.

Now it's not all awesomeness all the time, there is the pesky money issue. It's $300/year which sounds crazy but broken down between two people it works out to $12.50/month which is totally worth it to me. Some of the groceries are more expensive that a traditional grocery store and sometimes things are out of stock, but it's still way faster and easier to swing by the store for 2-3 items than a whole load of groceries. We've been using it for about 2.5 months and I think we've actually saved money by eating out less. What would happen before is I'd have that "Aw man, it's 10pm on Sunday night and I haven't even made a grocery list yet!"moment and end up eating out the entire week. Now I never have to forfeit a whole week!

The produce has been surprisingly good too. Even better than the regular grocery store. You can choose if you want your bananas or avocados to be ripe or unripe and sure enough, they are delivered exactly how you request. No hunting for the perfectly ripe fruit.

So if Amazon Fresh delivers to your area I would definitely recommend the 30-day trial.

Day 36
oatmeal, almond butter, banana

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bites
Baby Carrots

Superfood Salad

Homemade Chia Pod

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai


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