Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2 in the books

Today was tough but successful! We hosted a dinner party and I avoided alcohol (I only drink sweet girly drinks so they had to go) and turned down dessert!

Green and Glowing smoothie from Whole Foods

Vegan Perfect Bar

Veggie wrap from Sprouts 

Brussel sprouts, salad (dressing may have had sugar), mac n cheese with broccoli, and green beans

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Earlier this week I read this article talking about the evils of sugar. I wish I could say I was shocked and horrified but sadly I was pretty familiar with the claims. Just a year and a half ago I cut out sugar for these very same reasons. I even blogged about it! But somehow, over time, I loosened the reins significantly and found myself eating sugary treats with reckless abandon over the holiday break.

Now don't get me wrong, I've actually continued to scrutinize ingredients and do my best to choose the option with the least amount of sugar possible. However I know I could be doing better and the article reminded me why I should cut out all processed/added sugar.

The article also mentioned Fed Up, a documentary about sugar's role in the obesity epidemic. I had been meaning to watch it since it came out so I finally did this week. It was eye opening and heart wrenching. I think everyone should watch it, no matter your size or diet. It's on Netflix, watch it now!!

After watching that, I am even more motivated to kick sugar to the curb. All week I've been making some tough decisions like eating fruit for breakfast instead of banana bread, snacking on carrots instead of chocolate covered almonds, and eating a half a donut instead of a whole one... what? I'm still human. It was a really tough week to start since we had family staying with us and the house was loaded with sugary delights. That's why when I read the label for my peanut butter pretzels and saw there was added sugar, albeit a small amount, (seriously Trader Joe's??) I still ate them because it was a better choice than Lacey's Cookies.

Even after family left, we were faced with New Year's Eve so we went out for dinner and I had a sugary drink. So basically I'm considering today my first official sugar free day. And what better day than the first day of the year? I'm not sure I'll post every day... in fact I'm sure I won't. But when I remember, I'll post what I ate, especially if it includes any particularly good recipes.

Green Smoothie (kale, pineapple, banana, frozen mango, protein powder, and water)

Quinoa and Brown Rice Bowl with Vegetables and Tahini
Apple with almond butter

Salad and Brussel Sprouts from R10 Social House

Hot Yoga