Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Day of Summer

We are so blessed to have amazing weather pretty much year round but today was a particularly nice day which allowed us to enjoy lots of outdoor activities. First we started the day with yoga on the Santa Monica Pier followed by acroyoga playtime. Then we did a 4 mile hike to check out an abandoned nazi camp. Finally we did the beer mile challenge which I failed miserably. I don't like beer and haven't drank it in about 10 years or longer. But it sounded like a fun challenge and I figured I'd have more fun participating than watching so I gave it a shot. I chose a beer that might taste less beer-y but who am I kidding? They all taste the same to me.

The first beer probably took me close to 10 minutes to drink, it was awful. My first lap felt fine though. Then came the second beer. It seemed to take forever to go down. People finished their 4th lap while I was still drinking! I finally finished it and ran my second lap but I knew there was no way I could manage to fit any more beer in my belly so I called it quits.

It's fun having super active friends because there's always someone to participate in your hairbrained ideas. My hairbrained idea was to cram yoga and a hike in before the beer mile and Freddy's idea was the beer mile! Luckily we both have awesome active friends that played along.

Day 41
oatmeal, banana

Acai Banana Berry Bowl from Nekter Juice Bar
Vanilla Chia Pod
Maui Brewing Co. Bikini Blonde Lager

The Farmers Delight pizza from Grey Block Pizza

Beer Mile (only completed half)

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