Sunday, June 15, 2014


Not everyone is super into the way I eat so sometimes it can be hard to find things to eat when I go to family parties. Today I was so happy to see that my uncle set aside spaghetti sauce without meat just for me! It was so delicious I even brought some home to eat for dinner too. I try my best to be flexible and not put people out while still sticking to my livet. But it's just so nice when people make accommodations for me that allow me to enjoy the food everyone else is eating.

Shout out to my dad: Happy Father's Day! And even though he doesn't read my blog, good luck to my brother Dustin on his mission trip to Russia (good luck to you too Annalise)!

Day 35
Oatmeal, almond butter, banana

Homemade Chia Pod
Veggies and hummus

Super Food Salad
Homemade Happy Cow Salad (idea from Blue Dog Beer Tavern)


playing with my niece and cousin :-)

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