Monday, June 9, 2014

Let food be thy medicine

Today I was talking to a friend after yoga and commiserating about how much we hate running up hills. She attributed this to her asthma which I suffer from as well. I definitely felt like my lungs were going to explode out of my chest while trying to run up the hills on Saturday but I felt like that just means I need to train more. I stopped using my inhaler when my doctor asked me to use two different ones and take each multiple times per day, every day. I have the same experience exercising whether I take the inhaler or not so I figured I wasn't going to pump chemicals into my lungs for no reason.

My friend mentioned a friend of hers who had cut out preservatives from his diet and nearly cured his asthma. This sounded extreme to me but then I remembered how most people probably view the way I eat. I mulled over what I normally eat and don't think I eat too many things with preservatives, but I guess I've never really paid attention. Could this be yet another thing to add on to my list of avoidances? I'm going to let her try it first and see if she sees any improvement.

Day 29
Feel Good Hearty Granola Bar
Mango Chia Pod (so yummy!)

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bite

Pasta Primavera (ate as soup)
Feel Good Hearty Granola Bar

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bite

Quinoa blend (from Costco) with cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, red onion, avocado, kale, lemon, olive oil, and rice vinegar


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