Friday, June 6, 2014

Nakd Review Part 2

Today I realized I was running out of Nakd bars that were "soya crunchies" free. I have been eating these bars a lot this week because I didn't have time to make my own and they have been a lifesaver! However I was trying to avoid the "soya crunchies" which are contained in all the "crunch" bars. I will never starve myself intentionally so I grabbed two bars for my morning snack on the go. When it came time to eat the crunch bar, I realized the package actually does list what is included in the soya crunchies: soya (soybean), tapioca starch, and salt. Tapioca starch totally sounds like one of those added sugar in disguise type ingredients so I looked it up and as far as I can tell that is not the case. I'm not a big fan of soy and try not to get too much in my livet, but I really haven't been getting much of it lately so I didn't feel too bad taking that in. And finally salt, I am prone to under-salting and since most of my food doesn't contain it I figured a little wouldn't hurt.

I ate the Nakd Banana Protein Crunch Bar which was okay but the flavor was kind of odd. However I had finally convinced myself that I could eat the rest of the bars without feeling guilty. When I checked my email at lunch, I saw that Nakd had finally responded! What timing!!

The protein crispies are manufactured by cooker extrusion, and hot air dried to a stable moisture content. They are made using soya protein isolate (non-GMO), tapioca starch and salt.”

They also offered to send me a sampler pack! Hey I'm getting low so why not? Later in the day I tried the Nakd Strawberry Crunch Bar (yes, I had 3 bars today - my lunch really wasn't filling enough) and it was sooooo delicious! I'm starting to see the value in paying full price for a few of my favorite flavors to keep on hand for emergencies.

Day 25
Oatmeal, banana

Nakd Banana Protein Crunch Bar (not very good, very unusual flavor)

Salad (lettuce, hemp seeds, carrots, bell pepper, oil, rice vinegar, avocado)

Nakd Strawberry Crunch Bar (amazing!)




  1. Um, lucky!!! Can you tell Nakd to hook up your BFF who recommended them to you?! Hahaha I kid. ;)
    PS- thanks for the informative review! I read it while I was munching on the pecan pie flavor...yummy!!

    1. I told them about there being 2 cocoa orange bars and they said they would send me another pack! Nakd bars are the best! :)

    2. Awesome!! And wow that was a quick response!!