Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 1 done

First week is done and it really wasn't very hard. Granted it wasn't 100% sugar free but the few times I had added sugar were not because I was craving it. Today I shared a dessert with my friend Heather because Native Foods makes the most amazing peanut butter parfait and I wanted her to try it. Normally I would have gotten my own (and I have!) but sharing was a great option and we didn't even finish it!

The weekdays are so much easier due to routine and meal planning but the weekends are hard. This coming weekend I'll be out of town so it's really going to up the ante on eating right. Finding vegan options is hard enough away from home but adding the twist of no added sugar will make it even tougher. I'm hoping I'll get some good suggestions this week for recipes that travel well and don't need to be refrigerated in addition to being vegan and free of added sugar!

Day 7
oatmeal, homemade almond butter

Ensalada Azteca Salad
Peanut Butter Parfait

Pineapple Coconut Raw Energy Ball
Cranberry Walnut Granola

Roasted Buddha Bowl

rest day

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