Monday, May 26, 2014


Last July I found Torrance CrossFit and even though I had two marathons under my belt and was doing barre workouts 4-5 times per week, I was incredibly humbled. I quickly realized that not only could I not do a pull-up, but I needed two of the thickest bands they had to be able to get enough assistance to do one. The bands are like rubber bands (but really really thick and really really long) that you wrap around the pull up bar and step into. It kinda sling-shots you up so you don't have to pull as much.

Well here we are not quite a year later and I have moved down from the green/purple band combo to one band. And that band is black! Black is one of the thinnest bands, well it was the thinnest band until a few months ago when we got lavender which is basically floss. Either way, I did 50 pull-ups today with the black band and I feel really good about it! I remember when I would look at the girls who used the black band and think I would never be able to do that. Now those girls use no bands and I still look at them thinking I'll never get there, but then I remember how far they have come and how far I have come so I think that I will get there one day!

Day 15
oatmeal, homemade almond butter

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bites

Noodle/lettuce/tofu bowl from Yellow Fever

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bites
Feel Good Hearty Granola Bars

Jackfruit Tacos

"Murph Lite"
1 mile run
50 pull-ups (with band)
100 push ups (on knees)
150 squats
1 mile run

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