Friday, May 30, 2014

Change of plans

The plan was to eat leftovers from last night for dinner tonight and hit the beach for some yoga, but we unexpectedly had family passing through town so we met up at my favorite Mexican restaurant which happens to have an extensive vegan menu! I've been trying not to eat out much because it's so hard to know what's in the food and I hate asking, but sometimes it's necessary and we had such a great time. I gotta get to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow but trust me Cilantro Grill deserves a full write up on how amazing the food is (vegan and non-vegan) and how fantastic the service is. It's like being at someone's house who cooks totally authentic Mexican food!

Day 19
Oatmeal, homemade almond butter, banana


Salad from Orange Tree Cafe

Nakd Berry Delight Bar (delicious!)

Veggie burrito from Cilantro Grill
1/8 vegan water rose and pistachio cupcake from Cilantro Grill

Rest day

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