Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's Regionals!

Our hotel is awesome! We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Carlsbad and they have free hot breakfast! They also have a teeny tiny gym which had just enough to get a good workout this morning! 

I never set planned to have cheat days but so far they have managed to work their way in. I try not to turn it into a whole day of bad decisions and still attempt to eat healthy where possible.

On this trip we have used the phrase "It's Regionals!" to explain away all kinds of things (similar to "It's Vegas!" but with a CrossFit spin). Which is why when one of my favorite desserts ever showed up, I decided to partake. I had been careful to avoid the brownie brittle, chocolate chip cookies, and other (many many other) dessert options so when I heard there were caramel Drumsticks available I didn't feel bad having one. And it was delicious!

Day 13
Oatmeal, banana
Granola bar (see yesterday for recipe link)

Granola bar

Sweet potato
Roasted veggies

Chips, guacamole
Corn salsa cream cheese, crackers
Olive tapenade, crackers

Salad, potatoes, asparagus 
Caramel Drumstick

5 min run
4 rounds of - 
5 dumbell deadlifts
5 dumbell squat cleans
5 dumbell push press

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