Thursday, May 15, 2014

Success At Last

Okay this is harder than I thought it would be but not because I'm craving sugar or anything. It is just really hard to avoid it! I think today was a success but it also meant eating dinner after 10pm because I had to make my own tomato puree. Luckily I checked this out in advance when I was ordering my groceries earlier this week so I knew what was in store for me tonight. I had been putting this dinner off all week since I knew it would be time consuming but ultimately it was pretty tasty and now I have some leftover tomato puree for next time!

Day 4
Oatmeal, half banana, homemade almond butter

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bite

Cauliflower Rice Stirfry

Key Lime Coconut Energy Bites
Baby Carrots

Layered Ratatouille (with homemade tomato puree and homemade polenta - subbed Earth Balance for butter)


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