Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jam packed week 6

Am I the only one that bounded out of bed last Sunday morning to watch the ING NYC Marathon? I woke up early due to the time change and figured I'd check Facebook on my phone before going back to sleep. Well, I saw that the marathon had started and was streaming online so I popped up and booted up my ancient laptop to watch the elite runners from about mile 7 on. It was so exciting, I can't even imagine finishing that distance in just over 2 hours. I visited NYC for the first time last year and got up early on the last day just to have the chance to run in Central Park. I thought about entering the lottery for the race this year but decided that LA should be my first marathon and just as well since I ended up being injured for some of the key training months.

Monday I visited Woodland Hills Physical Therapy feeling pretty pain free. Of course they know how to poke and prod to point out pains you didn't know existed but overall I'm feeling really good which I am so thankful for since back in July I was in agonizing pain just trying to run a few steps. You might be thinking that sounds like a long time, and it is, but it's all my fault. The funny thing about recovering is that the less pain you are in the less likely you are to do your exercises outside the office, then you end up in pain all over again. Just like how you are supposed to finish antibiotics even if you feel better. I'm terrible about it so I've become somewhat of a lifetime patient. It might also be subconscious because I love those guys and look forward to my visits!

After PT I met up with my friend Ashley at Bar Method. It was a super challenging class since we had to do Pretzel. The instructors at the Encino location are super friendly and give lots of corrections. We went to the 7:30 class which was pretty packed on Thursday but maybe people stayed home for MNF because it was a nice size class.

Tuesday I skipped the group training run at Fleet Feet Encino since it was my boyfriend's birthday, but I joined the fun run group Wednesday for what was meant to be 5 miles. I ran with one of my training buddies, Vanessa, and we chose to do 5 miles from our options of 3, 5, and 6. Once we got out to Balboa Park we realized that even with headlamps it was very dark. So dark that Vanessa started to fear for our safety so we agreed to turn around once we saw the group again (luckily this was an out-and-back course). We still managed to get pretty close to 5 and we only had 4 on the schedule so I was fine with it. I ran at Vanessa's pace which is a little slower than mine so it felt great and I was able to chat the whole time which always makes a run go by faster.

Fun run group

Thursday was my day to make-up the Tuesday 4 mile hill run. I was able to convince (with hardly any effort) my training buddy Lauren to join me even though she had already done the run Tuesday. She brought along her friend Joseph who is also training for a marathon but his is in January. I was already off to a rough start when I realized that my watch wasn't working (later determined it was just a dead battery, phew!). We set off on a very chilly night and headed for the hills. The route consisted of our normal hill which we run twice with a little twist... instead of reaching the top and heading down, we had to do another steeper hill before heading all the way to the bottom, only to repeat the cycle. It was grueling and I have to admit to walking a few steps of the steeper hill. It was madness! I was glad that we had yoga after the run since I would surely need a good stretching.

Ko Ohka led us in yet another amazing class. I struggled a bit because my hips were cramping in poses that normally don't bother me, but he suggested that it might be due to my strenuous run immediately prior. However I did actually benefit quite a bit from being so warmed up and was able to reach far beyond my toes!

I don't normally workout on Fridays but since I have unlimited classes at Bar Method right now I figured I'd get up early and take advantage. It was a pretty rough class, I don't think I hydrated enough but I managed to finish. I followed it up with Woodland Hills PT which was also pretty rough however I was thrilled to find out that they will be ordering FIVE dozen macarons (or possible some other treats) from me to support the Center for Assault Treatment Services!

Saturday morning we ran 6 miles. If you clicked the link you may be thinking that I actually ran 8 miles but that's because I restarted my watch when I was trying to lock it and didn't realize it until I was driving! I hate that. Now that I only show instantaneous pace, average pace, and distance on my watch I can't tell if it's still running when I stop the timer. Just one more thing to think about! It was supposed to rain but it hardly did so that was nice. Afterward we talked and stretched.

We also saw a coyote on the golf course after the run.

And finally, some great news... I've raised $700 for Team CATS! I'm starting to really think I'll meet my ultimate goal of $1,500. If you'd like to help please visit:

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