Monday, November 28, 2011

2 Months Down, 4 To Go!

Well, I was able to eat my Thanksgiving meals! I even went to Bar Method Thursday morning and it was packed! There were 18 people in the 8:15 a.m. class and two of them were men (rare but not unheard of). I warned Katelin ahead of time that I was still a little sick and to go easy on me and she obliged. Since there was so many people and several new ones it was pretty easy to fly under the radar but I still felt like I got a great workout and it erased any potential guilt about the feasts to come.

Friday, ahem, I mean Black Friday, I slept in and turned on the news just in time to hear the horror stories of people doing terrible things for deals on electronics. I was glad I didn't bother going out and instead headed over to Fleet Feet Encino for 20% off the whole store! They opened at 9:00 a.m. which was greatly appreciated and I finally purchased compression socks:
And I also got a much needed pair of pants:

I wore the pants for my 8 mile run Saturday and they were great! It was a pleasant morning, not bitterly cold like it has been lately. I didn't have to wear my gloves or jacket! My pal Sarah joined us for the run and she made the miles fly by with conversation. After the run we did our usual stretches and strength work.

Then Coach Trey had us do flying jumps!

Then we finished up with a team picture!

Sunday night I fulfilled my first order of fundraising macarons with my lovely teammate Lauren! It was so much fun to have her there to help me make them. I'm still just $35 away from $1,000 raised for the Center for Assault Treatment Services and any donation of $26.20 or more will get you your own order of macarons if you are in the Greater Los Angeles area. Just go to to make your donation and send me an email to let me know. Then you will be as happy as Lauren!

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