Monday, November 21, 2011

How do you eat an elephant?

I love my Bar Method workouts so much so I'm really trying to go twice per week. Because of mine and their schedules though, this resulted in a double workout for me on Thursday. First I took the 6:15 class with Elika which went well. Then I headed over to Fleet Feet Encino for yoga with Ko Ohka. It was a nice small class and Ko does great corrections which are always greatly appreciated.

Friday after a visit to Woodland Hills Physical Therapy I spent the night preparing for our fundraising garage sale. My neighbor Andreia (who is also training for the marathon with Team CATS) and I held our joint garage sales Saturday morning and they were a HUGE success! Together we raised nearly $500 for the Center for Assault Treatment Services. I was shocked at how busy we were and what people were willing to buy. Thank God we only had a quick light sprinkle then it cleared up. I had to snap this picture in one of the very few breaks between customers:

Since we had to skip our group run Saturday morning, Andreia and I planned to make up the 7 miles together after the garage sale. Well, we were so wiped out we decided to postpone it to Sunday. Of course you probably know that Sunday it was POURING! I was really regretting not knocking out the run in better weather but knew we had to press on no matter what since you can't control the weather on race day. But wouldn't you know it? The rain stopped about 30 seconds before we left the house! We had a great run, luckily Andreia and I are pretty evenly matched on pace. The air was so nice and clean and the cold felt good after about a mile. We passed by lots of beautiful trees turning colors for Fall. I don't know why people say California doesn't have seasons. Look at this!

So now for the elephant eating... that saying was quoted at church on Sunday and I thought it was so fitting for both running and fundraising. You run a marathon a mile at a time, you raise money a dollar at a time. Every goal can be broken down into smaller, tiny goals that are so manageable you can't help but keep moving along. That's why I've decided to up my goal to $2,000! Right now I'm at $965, almost 50%! You can help me reach that goal by going here:

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