Sunday, November 4, 2012

Easy Week

Last Sunday evening I put out a plea for the final bit of money needed to reach $1,000 by Halloween and my wonderful friends came to the rescue! Jenn and Maria were kind and compassionate enough to push me past my goal by the very next day. I am so grateful for all those who donated to the Center for Assault Treatment Services in October and hopeful that I can keep the momentum going. I've set a relatively modest goal of reaching $1,500 by Thanksgiving as I get ready to do some community outreach during the winter so please click the top right button to make a donation that will help CATS continue serving victims of sexual abuse and assault.

Almost immediately after the race I got sick so there isn't too much to report this week training-wise. There were some race photos released Monday that show me messing with my halo in anticipation of the photo but it caught me too early!

I was finally feeling well enough Saturday to go for a 3 mile run. I ran with Mike and he likes to do a little extra so we started with push ups, dips, and other strengthening exercises and then did that every mile including some (attempted on my part) pull ups at the park that is conveniently one mile away. I was really sore the next day!

Sunday was my last Yogaqua class. As the photographer there aren't too many pictures of me but it was a gorgeous day and I got some great pictures of the instructor and my friends.

Looking back at where I was last year I'm thrilled at where I am both in my training as well as fundraising. Although last year our long run was 5 miles and I only ran 3 this week, I've got the half marathon covered so I know I'm ahead of schedule. Also I was celebrating reaching $500 last year and this year I'm celebrating reaching $1,000! I'm so thankful to be in this position and really hope I can keep things moving in both arenas!

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