Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nutrition, Zombies, and 10 Miles

Monday I did my weekly cross training at Pop Physique with my favorite instructor again! It was the last class on my Living Social package but I'll be back there one more time for a free Blackout Class next week. I made Vegan Kale Pasta for dinner. It's a good go to and pretty easy to make!

Tuesday I had planned to go to Pierce College after work to do some speed work at their track. When I changed at work I realized I had forgotten my Garmin but I pressed on anyways figuring I could just use an app on my phone. Then I got to the track and discovered construction was blocking the normal entrance. I could see a football team practicing on the field so it was still open but despite searching and asking around I couldn't find a way in! Just as I was deciding I could use the night off to clean up and get some errands done around the house, I looked up and saw there was an accident on the freeway blocking three lanes. I was approaching the exit for Fleet Feet Encino and new they were having a nutrition night so I quickly decided I would rather spend my evening there than stuck in on the freeway for two hours.

I am so thankful for the technology that allowed me to salvage my night! I got to see my friends since there was a training run that night and I got to listen to the nutritionist from Phase IV talk about fueling for training. Even though I had heard some of the information earlier this year while training for the 2012 LA Marathon,  I still learned a lot! Like my daily bowl of oatmeal with almond butter and half a banana is filing me with carbs and sugar which cause inflammation.

Wednesday I met up with Sarah for an evening run on The Strand. We caught a bit of the sunset but I brought headlamps for both of us so we could see once the sun went down for our 3 miles. We went to Mucho Ultima after for dinner and I had the Vegan Enchiladas which were soooo good!!

Saturday I did my first 5k obstacle course... with zombies! It was so much harder than I thought it would be because there were tons of hills and there was a lot of sprinting to avoid the zombies. It was tons of fun though, even though I died by losing all three of my flags to mean zombies.

Sunday I had promised myself a 10 mile run to prepare for my half marathon next weekend. I decided to try out what I learned from Phase IV so I made myself some quinoa, red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and avocado for breakfast.

I definitely didn't have any stomach issues and the first 7ish miles felt great, but I kept running too fast so when I got to the final miles I was really dragging. Not sure if it was the extra hill work from the zombie race or the healthy breakfast that kept my speed up for so long but hopefully I can pace myself better on Sunday!

I still haven't thought of a good incentive for reaching $1,000 by Halloween but the costume Laurie chose arrived on Saturday and it looks great! I learned how to add a "widget" to my blog so now you can click on the top right to donate OR you can click HERE. While incentives are fun and I'm trying to keep it interesting for everyone, I hope you'll consider donating simply to help the Center for Assault Treatment Services break the silence about sexual abuse. Yet another heartbreaking story came out this week about a girl who was raped at Amherst College but couldn't bring herself to report it because of shame. When she finally did report it you won't believe the reaction campus officials had! CATS is working hard to create an environment where there is no shame in reporting sexual abuse or assault and they will do everything possible to help convict an assailant.

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