Thursday, October 13, 2011

Want to see something gross?

Even though we only had to run 3 miles as part of the training schedule on Wednesday, I decided to run 5 because I really wanted to do the Fun Run at Fleet Feet Encino. I was really glad I did because I met a really nice girl and we kept each other company on the dark course. I ran a little slower than usual and we stopped a few times but there will be plenty of time to work on speed over the next 22 weeks. Also the nice thing about taking it easy is I felt great during the whole run and after.

Thursday I went to Woodland Hills Physical Therapy after work and then straight over to Fleet Feet for yoga with Ko Ohka. I love that yoga is included in our training program! I also love that the class is specifically for runners. There's no gumbies doing crow and hand stands to make you feel like a tool. Everyone is pretty much the same level and Ko is really great at making sure we know exactly how to hold the poses. I can't really say the same for all the other (free) yoga classes I've taken. It's amazing how much different warrior feels when your hips are square.

Now for the gross part... Friday I gave blood. I've been doing this for at least ten years and feel like it's such an easy yet totally necessary way to give back. Doesn't hurt that I get to take 4 hours off work and there is a Red Cross right next door to my office! Ready for the picture???? How bout a $5 donation first? Who knows, the blood I gave may save your life one day!

That stuff on my arm is iodine, not blood, FYI. Check out that fat needle! It actually doesn't hurt, there is only a sting when the needle goes in cuz of the iodine. It takes about 10 minutes and when you're done you get juice and snacks. Pretty awesome right?

So the next day (we're on Saturday now, sorry for the novel) I met with my training group and we ran 4 miles. Just about everyone I talked to said it felt longer. It really did, it was one of those bad runs that make you appreciate the good ones. In fact, I didn't even know how bad it was til I got home and realized that I had chaffing on my right thigh. I've never experience chaffing, even training for my half marathon. I've worn this running skirt before for longer runs and never had a problem. I've read all about how to prevent chaffing but didn't bother following any of the advice because it wasn't necessary. What I really need advice on though is how to treat it. It doesn't hurt all the time but soap and water hurts and I can't exactly stop showering. Also I'm afraid when I run on Tuesday my sweat will make it hurt. Should I wear a bandaid over it?

Okay I'll wrap this up now, here's a pic after my Saturday run.

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