Sunday, July 11, 2010

Umami Burger

Been meaning to try this place for far too long so on a day that started with not a single plan and turned into the most LA day we could have imagined, we trekked over to the La Brea location and gave it a shot. We arrived around 7:25pm on a Saturday night which I thought was a death wish but the wait for four was only 15 minutes. It's very tiny but there are tables and chairs outside so we sat down and played Words with Friends until our name was called. Once inside the server was very speedy in greeting us and explained the menu since it was our first time. Unfortunately our friend Lindsay is allergic to just enough items that she was unable to order any of the burgers. Such a bummer! She was a really good sport though and got a salad so the rest of us could chow down. Mike got the namesake Umami Burger, I got the Socal Burger, and Big Jon got the Manly Burger. All were really good and not too pricey! Mike also got the tempura onion rings and I got the sweet potato fries (dusted in crack... I mean brown sugar) and he got a Mexican Coke and our bill was under $40 including tip. Overall it was a good experience and I'll definitely be going back, especially since we bought a coupon from At Cost which we forgot to print before going.


  1. sounds like it was a great meal! You'll have to share all your favorite places when I come into town :)

  2. My friends tried this place when they all met up in LA, I'm so jealz! Looks so good.