Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Shellac Manicure

Since it had been three weeks (yes, 3 weeks!) since my last Shellac french manicure I thought it was about time to get a re-do, even though most people probably couldn't tell:

Shellac doesn't chip but if you look closely you can probably see the nail growth around my cuticles. So I headed to my favorite manicurist, Lana, at Natalie's Hair and Nail Studio. She only charges $20 for this awesome manicure while most places charge around $40! It goes on just like nail polish over your natural nail,
but it cures like gel nails so it doesn't chip.
After the base coat, you can choose from various colors or get a french mani like me. I prefer the french mani because it's much less obvious when the nail grows out.
When it's all done, you can dig in your purse, grab your keys, and go because the polish is dry! I highly recommend you at least try this if you are interested, especially with Lana since she gives you $5 off your first time... there really isn't much to lose!
Click here to find a Shellac salon near you.

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