Monday, March 11, 2013

One last long run before LA Marathon!

Monday I went to Bar Method in the morning and was rewarded with a Hurley Nfinitank for participating in one of their contests! Later in the day I met up with Sarah to run/hike in Palos Verdes.

Tuesday I ended up working late so I took a rest day. Wednesday I went to Bar Method and halfway through class I started wondering if I accidentally signed up for Level 2 because the pace was really fast with less set up than usual! Turns out it was a regular class but the instructor even commented at the end that it was nearly a level 2 class! After class I met up with Mike at iRun MB for their weekly fun run. We did the 5k course and I tested out Newtons but neither of us won a pair in the raffle. Maybe I'll buy some after the marathon! They also had snacks and recovery drinks like water, Nuun, and beer!

Thursday I hit Bar Method for a third time this week! We had to do fold over with a mini mat which is like this:

But you take a small mat, fold it in half, and hold it in place behind your knee. Now this is already extremely difficult but now try it with pants that are a little slick! Sufficiently annoyed? Ya, me too. I kinda wish they did like Crossfit and posted the workout of the day so I would know if grippy pants were needed. It was still a good class though and I couldn't tell if I was still sore from Wednesday's class or Wednesday's run. Either way, it made class that much more challenging.

Friday I went to Bar Method for a fourth day this week! That's a new record for me! I also tried L today  which I haven't tried in about a year and last time I definitely wasn't ready. L is an option you take in Round Back where you hover your non-working leg (like Burr below) thereby making the exercise much harder.

It was sooooo hard but it felt great to at least get a few reps in before having to bend my leg again like the girl in the white tank above. I started thinking about how all the aches and pains I used to get during class have actually gone away. I have read many stories about people turning to Bar Method because they have back pain or knee pain and this alleviates it, but I never experienced any of that for myself until now. I think it's because prior to these last couple months I was only going once per week. Now that I'm going three times per week regularly I've definitely seen an improvement.

Saturday I met up with Barbara for 6 miles along San Vicente Blvd., which also happens to be the last few miles of the marathon course! It was pretty surreal to run along the greenbelt knowing that only a week later I'd be running the same route but in the street. After we finished up I ran another 2.5 miles before heading to the pier for yoga with Sandy and Wie. The forecast was pretty chilly but the weather turned out to be perfect!

In the evening I met up with my Ragnar team which is my next running endeavor after the marathon. We went over the basics for those who will be doing it for the first time but also just got to spend some quality time hanging out.

I got a few more donations this week and am up to $2,360. Still far off from my goal but I'm hoping a few more will come in the days before the marathon. If you are reading this and haven't had a chance to donate yet, please click HERE and give what you can. The Center for Assault Treatment Services does amazing work for victims of abuse and assault and they are less than $2,400 from the team goal of $50,000!  

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