Friday, February 15, 2013

One run was all I needed

Monday I got back to the barre. I have to say that Mili is my favorite instructor. She pushes me and accepts no excuses (a little scary sometimes) and is absolutely determined to find modifications for me. Thanks to her I finally got my legs up during flat back. It only took a mini mat under my thighs and two straps looped around the barre but I did it!

Tuesday I started feeling a little sick so I took a rest day. I also checked out Ragnar Relay's website to see when the deadline to sign up for SoCal was because I got a code at the expo for the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k. Turns out that was the last day to register before the price increase! I had to act fast so I put out an APB on Facebook and before I knew it I had half a team committed. That night I registered our team and started sending out invitations to join the team.

Wednesday I felt even worse so I ended up going home early from work and taking another rest day. I was getting pretty nervous about the 20 miler scheduled for Saturday. Especially when I wasn't much better on Thursday. I momentarily debated forcing myself out for at least 2 miles but the moment passed and I accepted that my only run this week would be my long run.

Saturday I started my run off with Lauren and Neal who were kind enough to run the first 7.5 miles with me even though they were tapering for Bandit 30k. They are both faster than me and I did my best to resist the urge to speed up out of guilt but still felt I was going too fast. Once we parted ways I figured I would be able to relax and slow down but I looked down at my pace and it was even faster than I had been running with them! It didn't feel bad so I decided to experiment (yes, on a 20 mile run!) and not look at my watch anymore. I ran at a slightly less than comfortable pace and tried not to worry about whether I could maintain it. I ate at my usual spots, mile 7 and mile 14, and I drank my Hammer Fizz laced water as needed (which was less often than usual). The miles ticked by and I passed the spot where I had to pull over on my last 20 miler and still felt good. My same ankle started to threaten some pain around mile 15 but I said a quick prayer and it settled down. Once I was back on the more densely populated Strand I started looking for potential running partners to carry me through the last few miles. Although I was giving it my best I was still getting passed up constantly so I played the typical runner mind game and told myself they were only running single digits. I finally set eyes on someone that appeared to be around my pace. As I neared though, I decided I didn't want to slow down in favor of company, so I kept going. It was tough and boring, but I did it and finished nearly a half hour faster than last time!

Getting in the Ragnar Spirit!

Finding beauty in the LA DWP

Finally finished!

Motivational watch

Longest run... with this watch

Sunday I got to stand on the other side of the course demarkation and instead cheered for my mom and aunt as they walked in the Live Ultimate 5k in Santa Monica. It was so fun cheering them on and seeing them get excited about beating their time next race!

Fundraising has still been slow going. But other than our dynamo kid Jordyn, it seems like the other top fundraisers have stalled out too. Maybe we tapped everyone out too early? Well, if not and you haven't had the chance to donate yet, please do! The Center for Assault Treatment Services does amazing work for victims of sexual abuse and assault and unfortunately we are reminding of their necessity far too often just by flipping on the news. Any amount is greatly appreciated, please click the Donate Now button on the top right or talk to me about donating in person!

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