Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 weeks to go

Monday I met up with Sarah for a short run on a cold night. We started from her new place in El Segundo and just ran around the neighborhood which was surprisingly hilly.

Tuesday I went to Bar Method and really tried to push myself because I've been eating a lot of junk lately. We did two planks and I stayed up the whole time for both! Apparently I pushed really hard because I was super sore Wednesday.

Wednesday I met up with Sarah at iRun MB and we went with the 5 mile route again. We did a much better job keeping up and it didn't hurt that the group hung back a bit after a few big hills to let us catch up. They were raffling off Yurbuds but we didn't win.

Thursday I finally took the plunge and signed up for Lululemon's Sea Wheeze half marathon in Vancouver! I have a few friends running it too and I'm really excited. This will be the furthest I've ever traveled to run. It's a whole extravaganza too with yoga and other events.

That eventing I went to Bar Method and halfway through class noticed a girl convulsing while we were in a seated "round back" position. The instructor went over to her and it became clear that she needed help so I ran out of class and had the desk girl call 911. She was on the phone with them for what seemed like forever and the girl had become unresponsive so I ran outside to try to flag down a police officer since they usually patrol the pier. I didn't see any cops, however there was a meter reader driving by so I grabbed her and she radioed someone to get help. By the time we got back inside the girl had woken up but was super freaked out. Soon after the fire department arrived and took control. The Bar Method staff called the girl's mom who said she has epilepsy and to just assure her that she is okay because she is really scared when she wakes up.

I had no idea what epilepsy entails! It was extremely scary but the girl was okay and I think the Bar Method staff handled it really well. The girl hadn't included the information in her file when she signed up so initially they thought she might be diabetic. So really, take those forms seriously when you sign up for stuff and they ask for medical history!

Friday I took a rest day so I could wake up early Saturday to run 15 miles on the trails with the Fleet Feet Encino training group. We did this route last year but my pace was a full minute faster this time around despite the longer distance. I still had to walk a lot on the uphills but I felt great the whole time and didn't feel tired after. In fact, I volunteered after at the expo for the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k for Blue Zones Project. It was so much fun talking to locals about the project which is attempting to make the Beach Cities a Blue Zone by making changes in the community that make it easier to eat right, workout, and engage with neighbors. A Blue Zone is a term to describe areas where people live, on average, to over 100 years and live happier and healthier lives.

Sunday was race day. I was really excited about this 10k because I was running it with my friend Petra and it also happened to be in my city. Mike joined us too as well as our friends Jason and Juliana! We had originally talked about dressing as M&Ms since Petra's friend had the costumes but at the last minute we decided to wear the jerseys for their ultimate frisbee team which are green and stand out pretty well. The race was really fun and had some great costumes. My favorite was the team dressed as salmon who literally turned around mid-race and ran "upstream." There was also a team dressed all in neon who had a guy on a bike following them handing out beers. When we caught up to them they gave Mike a beer!

As far as fundraising goes, we've got a big event coming up! On February 23rd three female cover bands will be performing in Santa Monica with all cover charges being donated to CATS! Click HERE for details or HERE to make a donation.

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