Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Two weeks means twice the fun!

I missed a week, oops! I had to go to Utah for work and was so busy I didn't have time to update and have been busy ever since. I know that's no excuse. In fact, one of my favorite running (shaming) quotes is:

And guess what? I DID make time to run! So let's start with the week I missed. I ran from my hotel to the base of the gorgeous mountains pictured below.

It was about 2.5 miles one way but even as I got closer the mountains still seemed so far away. When I finally got there I went up the trail just enough to take some pictures. There was still snow on the ground but not enough to make it dangerous. I took a 360 degree shot and then headed back and saw the Christmas Village just a few blocks from the hotel.

I was extremely short on time while there so the last day before my flight home, I got up early and actually ran 3 miles on the treadmill. It was my first time on the treadmill in so long I can't even remember. Definitely years! I tried to go fast to make up for the fact I was kinda cheating (and I just wanted to get it over with) but I'm just not a morning runner and ended up slowing down to be able to finish. I was glad to at least get two short runs in before my long run though.

On Saturday that week I met up with my training group for 15 miles along the Santa Monica/Venice boardwalk. We actually started in Marina Del Rey to ensure we got the needed mileage. It was a really chilly morning so I bundled up but it warmed up nicely and I was sweating before I knew it. We started a bit fast for my pace so it was a struggle for the first few miles but I eventually hit my stride and only dragged for the last mile or less.

Unfortunately no cross training that week or this most recent one either. Tuesday I did make it to Body Dynamix for quick pre-hab session before heading over to Fleet Feet Encino to receive my Team CATS race shirt which also has my name on the back (like last year) for raising $1,000 before the deadline. Thanks everyone for making that possible!! We did speed work and ran just over 3 miles before heading back to the store for some ab work.

Wednesday I joined the Fleet Feet fun run for a run through Candy Cane Lane. I've driven through it for years but never even walked through, let alone run. It was super fun seeing all the kids get so excited and everyone was saying "Merry Christmas" to each other. I got 4 miles in because I finished out the last block that the course didn't cover.

On Saturday I met up with Peachy and Barbara to do something I didn't think was possible... run 16 miles in the hills of Griffith Park. Between a rough 15 the week prior, a really really tough time doing a few miles at Temescal Canyon, and a very unsuccessful 12 miles in hills last year I was very hesitant. But the girls convinced me and I figured the worst that would happen is I would have to turn around and walk back. Luckily that didn't happen and when Peachy told me we were running to the Hollywood sign, it was just the motivation I needed to keep going! Despite living in LA my whole life, this is something I had never done before. It was pretty awesome to see the back of the letters!

Unfortunately fundraising has hit a bit of a standstill lately. I haven't been dedicating much time to it so I'm doubtful I'll raise $677 in the next week. But I did get a donation from a total stranger thanks to my friend sharing my link on her friend's Facebook pages! I have to say that felt pretty awesome. If you believe in this amazing charity that does such amazing work for victims of sexual abuse and assault, I would really appreciate you spreading the word. Whatever that means to you, whether just in conversation, through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This friend of mine shared my link on about 70 people's pages and one person donated. So it takes a lot but I am so grateful to her for doing that and hope others will do something that feels manageable to help a great cause! Don't forget, your donations are tax deductible!! Click the orange box on the top right to donate now!

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